From 10th November to 3rd December 2017 Academic circus Balkanski is on a visit in Sofia, Zona B5,park “Vazrazhdane” on the new circus site.

There are participating artists with extraordinary tricks from 8 countries- Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. The great attractions are “The flying motocycle”and “The giant bike of death”,performed by the owners of “Silver clown” from the world circus festival in Monte Carlo and “Ikar” for circus art of Union of the Bulgarian actors Velizara and Nikolai Balkanski /with two Guinness records/. The extreme trick called “The Globe of death” is performed by six motorists from Colombia - Hell Riders. The equilibrist Kristina Kostova, who is awarded with the sign of Ministry of Culture “Golden Age”, also participates with her debut trick. The duet of clowns from Portugal Mariani are responsible for amusing kids оf all ages.

Academic circus “Balkanski” is the biggest on the Balkan peninsula, has been a member of the European circus association since 2012 and since 16 th April 2016 the only Bulgarian circus honored by the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Art with the title “Academic”.

Every day at 16:30 and 19:30,
On Sunday - 11:00 and 16:30
Monday and Tuesday- Day off

Online HERE and At the cash registers to the circus Balkanski.

Welcome under the dome of circus Balkanski!

Address: Vladaia, Street. Pernik road №7, Sofia, Bulgaria


Phone information (case): 0878 570 602


Foundation Academician Alexander Balkanski

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